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Mikro (Individuum)

negotiating boundaries by creating personal barriers

Beziehungsaufbau und Interaktiosfähigkeiten

Some young people set up physical boundaries – meeting in close huddle with backs to the workers, refusing to answer questions (or doing so as monosyllabically as possible), or turning the music to an uncomfortable level until workers leave the vicinity. Conversations in which young people maintain a boundary were manifold: personal relationships, weekend activities, alcohol consumption, drug taking, and school work were all – with certain young people at certain times – topics observed that young people refused to speak about.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

four youth work organisations in the UK providing youth clubs
A comparison of different organisational practices and cultures in youth clubs and an evaluation of the relationships and boundaries between young people and youth workers was conducted. Each youth club was funded through a different mechanism: one was a local authority-run centre (abbreviated as the LAYC), another a community-run centre (CCYC), the third a church-based project funded through secular charities (Youth Café), and finally a congregation-funded youth ministry (YM).
acht Monate
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

Four ethnographic studies of youth work organisations were chosen based on a "most difference" approach. 92 observations were conducted in total, with 19 interviews with workers and managers, and 6 focus groups with young people, and 5 further interviews with youth workers who have worked in both Christian and secular clubs (though for other organisations).