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significant improvement in professional values efficacy for youth workers as a result of training

Berufliche Orientierung

The comparison of mean scores between previous attendance at educational/training session in the youth development field and professional values efficacy indicated a significant difference (t(22.790) = 2.370, p > .05). Therefore, the mean scores for the respondents with previous attendance at an educational/training session in the youth development field were significantly different compared to the mean scores of the respondents without previous attendance at an educational/training session in the youth development field

Beschreibung der Aktivität

annual statewide conference on youth development in December of 2009
observing the relation between the reported youth workers' efficacy and professional development and the type of organisation where he or she works
less than a month (December 2009)
average age was 29 years old
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Evaluierung der Aktivität

Quantitative Fragebogenerhebung (schriftlich/offline)
All of the participants at the conference were invited to participate in the study and these participants were chosen by convenience sampling. The survey instrument used in the research study consisted of three parts.
The final part of the instrument assessed the efficacy levels of youth workers through the 23-question Youth Worker Efficacy Scale (YWES) developed by Kowalski et al. (2011; Note: This is a secondary source. For more information, please check the bibliography of Meissner et al 2013). To gain an accurate measure of youth worker efficacy, the YWES questions were analyzed according to three indices of professional knowledge: theory efficacy, professional values efficacy, and applied skills efficacy.
Professional value efficacy: Maintain youth’s confidence in youth work; Build the self-esteem of youth; Serve as a mentor for youth; Display empathy with youth; Build the self-confidence of youth; Help youth feel like part of a group; Promote a strong work ethic among youth applied.
91 participants from the annual conference on youth development