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building close and trusting relationships with youth workers

Beziehungsaufbau und Interaktiosfähigkeiten

The data suggested that young people gained a great deal from working closely with youth workers. They valued the opportunity to experience relationships that they clearly felt were built upon an ethos of empathy, trust, equality and respect and contrasted this with their more negative perceptions about teachers.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

Schulbezogene Jugendarbeit
inter-agency partnership between teachers in three schools and youth workers from a long-established youth and community organisation in Glasgow
Over a period of 30 school weeks spanning across three school terms during the 2010–2011 session, youth workers facilitated participation in workshops three times per week in each school, where young people explored the social issues they commonly face, including gang/territorial issues, alcohol/drug dependency and ASB, and youth workers engaged the youngsters in moral reasoning and team-building skills.
31 school weeks, 2010-2011
young people aged 11-12
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

The first author visited the schools on several occasions before, during and after the implementation of the intervention workshops. He observed the interactions between youth workers and pupils and conducted semi-structured interviews. In the early stages of the intervention, initial interviews with link teachers (heads of secondary 1 [S1], support for learning and/or relevant guidance teachers) in each school and youth workers involved in the project were followed by semi-structured interviews with the participating young people. Several months after the initial fieldwork was completed, follow-up interviews were conducted with the same young people.
36 young people