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youth services becoming overwhelmed by requests of support from partners

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Evidence from the case studies and reviews shows that youth services, particularly the approaches to engagement that they deploy, are increasingly in demand from a range of other services in part because they provide a means of accessing the young people they find hardest to reach. Nevertheless, there are risks that youth services could become overwhelmed by requests for support. The youth service is small by most criteria: statutory responsibility, size of budget and workforce, professional status, weight and reputation and the scope to respond to all agencies is clearly limited.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

youth work provided and secured by local youth services in England
Einrichtungen/ Träger der Kinder- und Jugendarbeit

Evaluierung der Aktivität

The findings summarised below have been derived from evidence from five main strands: (1) A documentary review of fifty local services (one third of services in England); (2) An analysis of available numerical data about youth services based primarily on the annual audit conducted by the National Youth Agency; (3) Reviews of fifteen selected local services that have explored aspects of provision and impact, including the ways in which they are influenced by the leadership and management of local services. These reviews have drawn on the testimony of young people, youth workers, youth service managers and partners derived from semi-structured interviews and group discussions; (4) Thirty case studies of practice, each located in one of the fifteen services selected for review; (5) A self-administered survey conducted among 630 young people who use local youth services in the review areas.