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Makro (Gesellschaft)

enabling meaningful direct contact in the field of youth work through community cohesion

Beziehungsaufbau und Interaktiosfähigkeiten

The challenge for youth work in Old ham of creating meaningful direct contact has been heightened by the reality that prior to 2001, such contact had not taken place. Youth Work in Oldham has developed direct contact community cohesion work post-2001, using a number of distinct vehicles: Borough-wide events, such as the annual 'Eid party' to celebrate the Muslim New Year; formalised working links between youth centres/units of different ethnic and geographical backgrounds and the use of residentials, joint programmes and activities to build these relationships and links. These approaches highlight a fundamental principle of the community cohesion youth work being developed, that the direct contact is based on association, fun and experiential activities, rather than formal programmes of learning about 'diversity' or 'anti-racism'.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

impact of community cohesion on youth work
Einrichtungen/ Träger der Kinder- und Jugendarbeit
Gemeinschaft/ Gemeinden/ Kommunen

Evaluierung der Aktivität

Qualitative Interviewbefragungen (persönlich)
The research involved in-depth, semi-structured, one-to-one interviews with youth workers in Oldham during 2005 and 2006.