Mittelfristig (1 bis 5 Jahre)
Meso (Organisation/Gruppe)

significant shift in youth work practice (e.g. development of youth work programmes facilitating social inclusion) as a result of community cohesion

institutionelle Zusammenarbeit

All respondents agreed that community cohesion has both identified the reality of ethnic segregation in Oldham and enabled a significant shift in the practice and assumptions of youth workers in the town. Despite the concerns over superficial one-offs, the shared understanding of community cohesion as 'meaningful direct contact' has enabled the development of determined and purposeful youth work programmes that bring young people of different backgrounds together.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

impact of community cohesion on youth work
Einrichtungen/ Träger der Kinder- und Jugendarbeit
Gemeinschaft/ Gemeinden/ Kommunen

Evaluierung der Aktivität

Qualitative Interviewbefragungen (persönlich)
The research involved in-depth, semi-structured, one-to-one interviews with youth workers in Oldham during 2005 and 2006.