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Kurzfristig (< 1 Jahr)
Makro (Gesellschaft)

increased probability of long term reduction of high-risk behaviour


The analysis suggests that the BBBS-M program represents very good 'value for money' in that it offers the potential to provide long-term cost savings of much greater value than the costs of delivering the program. This is essentially because the program is relatively inexpensive to deliver, yet it affords the likely prospect of assisting young people at 'high-risk' of antisocial adult behaviours to avoid criminality and substance abuse, thereby saving the associated high costs to society.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

big brothers big sisters mentoring program
The mentoring program matches vulnerable young people with adult volunteers. The BBBS-M program offers formal supervised mentoring on a one-on-one basis as the sole focus of a stand-alone program, in contrast to other programs where mentoring is offered on a group basis or where it is one of multiple activities within an integrated youth program.
439 Littles on the database of BBBS-M. Of these, 109 were in active matches with a Big, whilst a further 189 were on the waiting list for a match, and 141 were classified as 'non-active'
10-14 years
Gemeinschaft/ Gemeinden/ Kommunen

Evaluierung der Aktivität

To ascertain whether the program provides 'value for money", economic evaluation using 'threshold analysis' was used. The latter is a technique which can be used to assist resource allocation decisions, by identifying the critical values of parameters underpinning decisions to invest in the program. It determines the threshold with regard to costs and effects (both measured in monetary terms) that the intervention must achieve to be acceptable. So the task was to assess at what point is the BBBS-M program likely to 'break even' in cost terms. The comparator was a scenario in which participants did not receive the BBBS-M intervention.
The reference year for the evaluation was the calendar year ending June 2004