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cost avoidance from fewer admissions to state prison


The TGP is expected, based on results of similar programs for FFY, to have significant benefits on former foster youth which can be represented in terms of financial benefits to society. It will be assumed that the TGP will provide a former foster youth with enough supports, guidance, and mentoring to enable these FFYs to achieve academically at levels of California young adults as a whole. By the same token, it is expected that the program can prevent the use of welfare services and prevent crime leading to prison, thereby decreasing costs of these programs to the citizens of California.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

program providing extended foster care benefits and support to former foster youth

Evaluierung der Aktivität

Costs and benefits will be analyzed using three scenarios: one cohort going through the program and subsequent work careers, forty cohorts over 40-year working careers, and the same 40 cohorts assuming a 75% success rate for the program. Data for this study come from a wide range of sources, including federal and state data, reports, and evaluations; and reports by university research centers and foundations interested in the quality of life outcomes of former foster youth. There are many important gaps in easily available data. To compensate for this limitation, the data sources and assumptions made are identified for each aspect of the analysis.
total prison and recidivism savings