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improved familiy relationships

Beziehungsaufbau und Interaktiosfähigkeiten

In terms of outcomes, young people reported that the Project has had a positive, and in some cases profound, impact on their lives. Young people reported increased levels of empathy towards victims of crime and family members (which was supported and shown to be statistically significant by quantitative data recorded by the Project) and improved family relationships.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

Young persons' Restorative Justice Project of La Chéile Mentoring and Youth Justice Support Service in Limerick, Ireland
The Project works hand-in-hand with numerous state and voluntary agencies. This work is delivered through five key models of intervention: restorative conferencing, victim empathy programme (VEP), victim offender mediation (VOM), reparation and victim impact panels (VIPs). The last of these, Victim Impact Panels, are an innovative method of engaging young people in a restorative process through the participation of a proxy victim.
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

The methodology designed for the evaluation of Le Chéile’s Project employed a staged approach. First, a review of literature was conducted, covering legislation and policy context, international standards, and evidence of ‘what works’ in restorative justice with children and young people. Additional research was also conducted to support the Social Return on Investment forecast. Next, a stakeholder mapping exercise was undertaken to select interviewees who together could provide as broad as possible a view of the work of Le Chéile’s Project and its effectiveness. Qualitative interviews and focus groups were then held with a range of stakeholders including children and young people, members of their families, the victims, representatives of criminal justice agencies and other professionals, including ‘reparation host agencies' and Le Chéile volunteers.
6 months [2014]