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improved chances for employability in the future

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Almost all EVS organisations (91%) stated that EVS has a high or very high impact on the employability of volunteers. Moreover, 80% of EVS volunteers coming back from the EVS stay reported that they expect to have better job opportunities because of their EVS experience. Just over half of the EVS volunteers (59%) and of the alumni (55%) feel that the EVS experience helped them to find their first job, and two out of three believe that it was profitable for their career development.

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European Voluntary Service (EVS)
European Voluntary Service (EVS) provides young people from all across Europe and beyond with unique opportunities to volunteer abroad to develop their personality and skills, to reinforce the work of nonprofit organisations and to support communities.
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Evaluierung der Aktivität

Prior to the data collection, an extensive literature review of the impact of volunteering on individual volunteers as well as on organisations and local communities hosting volunteers was conducted, comprising a total of 15 EU monitoring reports and 47 academic articles, research studies, reports and publications. The study itself covers the entire period 1996–2016. For the quantitative part of the study, the data collection has included all programmes as well as partner countries. For the qualitative part of the study, case studies were conducted in 15 countries. The results drawn from the quantitative and qualitative analysis were discussed in a stakeholder meeting in Brussels.The qualitative data collection comprised 100 targeted interviews and 15 in-depth case studies. The quantitative data collection consisted of online surveys designed to capture information from EVS volunteers, EVS alumni and EVS organisations, as well as from a control group of non-EVS volunteers. Overall, 10 480 individuals responded to the surveys. This includes responses from 8 600 individuals and almost 1 900 organisational representatives.
“How would you assess your experience abroad in terms of profit for finding your first job?” “How would you assess your experience abroad in terms of profit for your career development?” “Have you been recruited or offered a position by the organisation or its branch where you completed your volunteer placement?”
I expect to / I now have a better idea what I want to do later in life. I expect to / I now have better job opportunities; Good preparation for an international career path; After taking part in EVS, I now believe that my job chances improved; After taking part in EVS, I have a clearer idea about my career aspirations and goals.
8600 volunteers participated in the survey