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increase of parental employability

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M-PACT Moving Parents And Children Together programme
The programme has been developed by Action on Addiction and supports children/young people who are experiencing the effects of parental substance misuse within the family.
The programme is comprised of 10 sessions. An individual family assessment is followed by eight consecutive weekly core sessions that last 2.5 hours, a family review session and a reunion held three months after the end of the programme for all families
children/young people aged 8-17
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The methodology chosen to undertake this assessment is Social Return on Investment (SROI). The SROI undertaken here was an evaluative SROI. The focus is on producing a methodology that can be accused of being overly cautious but with results that can stand up to scrutiny, particularly around the benefits that are claimed and the monetary values placed on them. In July 2013, a theory of change workshop was held with stakeholders from Essex, Tower Hamlets in London and Wiltshire to produce a change map. Following on from this, the researchers collected information on costs and benefits from these three areas plus Guernsey and Bournemouth to produce a more complete picture of what the costs and effectiveness from the project look like nationally.
moved into employment - financial value
4,389 pounds
August - October 2014