Wirkungsnachweis aus der Literatur

Kurzfristig (< 1 Jahr)
Mikro (Individuum)
Psychisch & Physiologisch

incresed self-efficacy for participants

persönliche Entwicklung / Erwerb von sozialen und personalen Kompetenzen

The responses to the items in this scale are quite consistent across the four items. Between 63% and 75% felt a positive change in all items, while no change was felt among 37.1% in the case of ‘I can do most things if I try’.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

Foróigne volunteer led Youth Clubs
youth development’ measures at youth club level, including social, psychological/emotional and general life skills
118 participants in the service (time 1), 71 participants (time 2)
age range 11,5-18,5 years, average age 15 years
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche
Freiwillig engagierte Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

The study employed a mixed methods approach of quantitative and qualitative instruments to research the topic. A small sample of Foróige Youth Clubs participated in completing questionnaires at the beginning and end of the club year. Surveys of members, focus groups with members and interviews with leaders were conducted for this research. Nine clubs returned questionnaires for 118 members for Survey 1, completed in September/October 2010. At the second survey stage at the end of the year (May 2011), six of the same clubs returned questionnaires for 71 club members. The sample sizes for both periods are sufficient to conduct multivariate levels of analysis and tests of statistical significance.
I can do most things if I try; There are many things that I do well; I know I have the ability to do anything I want to do; When I apply myself to something I am confident I will succeed.
4-point scale: less true, no change, more true, much more true
one year (September/ October 2010-May 2011)