Mittelfristig (1 bis 5 Jahre)
Mikro (Individuum)

improved sense of community affiliation and cohesion

soziale Inklusion

The merits of this particular partnership highlight the ability of Gamechangers to further increase aspects of community cohesion by utilising the previously untapped skills of young people to heighten awareness of the micro-politics of local issues. As one project worker noted, in many cases, the overarching objective of community cohesion was tackled via a “smaller steps” approach whereby people were not “bedazzled with big fancy terms they did not understand”, but with “real accounts, real relationships and real people” (Project worker, London). Indeed, as a follow-on from this approach, and in an attempt to prioritise cohesion amongst local people, a focus was placed on the young people themselves and their position within the community.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

gemeindebezogene/ kommunale Jugendarbeit
Gamechangers programme administered by the independent charity Vinspired
Vinspired is an initiative promoting and enabling volunteering, aims to make volunteering diverse, attractive and accessible to a wide range of young people; Gamechangers is a programme enabling young people to volunteer at major sporting events.
over 2500 volunteers
young people (aged 14-19)
Gemeinschaft/ Gemeinden/ Kommunen
freiwillig engagierte Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

Primary data was collected via the following methods: • Questionnaire survey of 200 Gamechangers volunteers engaged as active participants and leaders; • Placement observations with Gamechangers volunteers and leaders; • One-to-one interviews; • Evaluation reports; • Focus group with leaders, and voluntary, statutory and community-based stakeholder partners and stakeholders; • Focus group interviews with parents and local residents, and YNC; • Documentary analysis of existing quantitative and qualitative data (local, regional, national) and published reports (including policy) on this and similar initiatives.
October 2010-March 2012