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no improvement of maths skills for participants as a result of the intervention compared to other tuition programmes

Veränderung der schulischen Leistungen und Perspektiven

The impact evaluation found no evidence that the intervention had an impact on Key Stage 2 maths, compared with ‘business as usual’ teaching and support in Year 6. There was also no evidence that the intervention had an impact on the Key Stage 2 reading test, or a differential impact on pupils who were eligible for free school meals or pupils who took part in more tutoring sessions.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

Digitale Jugendarbeit
Affordable Maths tuition programme
One to one tutoring programme where pupils receive maths tuition over the internet from trained maths graduates in India and Sri Lanka. It is delivered by the organisation Third Space Learning (TSL). Tutors and pupils communicate using video calling and a secure virtual classroom.
27 weeks from September 2014 to May 2015
600 pupils
year 6 pupils
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

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This trial was a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial. A pragmatic design was chosen to reflect as closely as possible the implementation of the programme in ‘real life’. Consequently, teachers were given significant freedom in choosing eligible pupils for the study as they would do in ‘normal’ teaching practice. This enables the results to be generalisable to similar pupils and schools outside the trial. A total of 64 schools were randomly allocated to be offered the intervention for their Year 6 pupils either in 2014/2015 (intervention group) or in 2015/2016 (acting as the waitlist control group during 2014/2015). Teachers at all participating primary schools were asked to identify eight Year 5 pupils, plus three reserve pupils towards the end of the academic year who they believed would benefit from online maths tutoring in their final year of primary school (Year 6); randomisation was carried out after teachers had identified potential pupils.
(1) total costs of the intervention per pupil per 27 weeks of tuition (2) cost rating
(1) £378 (2) Moderate: up to about £700 per pupil per year.