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Mittelfristig (1 bis 5 Jahre)
Mikro (Individuum)

slight improvement in mathematics for participants

Veränderung der schulischen Leistungen und Perspektiven

Participating pupils achieved slightly higher mathematics GCSE scores than pupils in the comparison group, and lower English GCSE scores than pupils in the comparison group. However, it is not possible to attribute either change to the tuition provided.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

Schulbezogene Jugendarbeit
The Tutor Trust charity
The Tutor Trust is a Manchester-based charity that aims to provide affordable small group and one-to-one tuition, predominantly to disadvantaged pupils in schools in challenging communities. The tutors are university students and recent graduates, enabling tuition to be provided at a competitive rate on a not-for-profit basis.
2011/2012 and 2013/2014
1029 pupils
year 9 to 11
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

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The evaluation used a quasi-experimental design, which aimed to enable a comparison to be made between participating pupils and other pupils who were similar in terms of their demographic and socio-economic characteristics. However, it was not possible to control for a number of potentially influential variables, which the evaluators had planned to do. Qualitative fieldwork took place in eight schools and was based on interviews with senior leaders, classroom teachers, tutors and pupils.
(1) costs for an hour of one-on-one tuition (2) total cost of intervention per pupil for 25-tuition-sessions (3) cost rating
(1) £18 (2) £217 (3) Moderate: up to about £700 per pupil per year.
three years (2011-2014)