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no improvement of the reading ability of participants

Veränderung der schulischen Leistungen und Perspektiven

There was no evidence of impact of either Chatterbooks or Chatterbooks Plus on reading ability either immediately after the interventions or at a three-month follow-up. The headline findings suggest that Chatterbooks and Chatterbooks Plus had a slightly negative impact on reading ability with effect sizes of -0.14 and -0.01 respectively. However, they are not statistically significant, suggesting that the difference in outcomes between the control and intervention group occurred by chance. Consequently, the effect sizes are indistinguishable from zero.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

Schulbezogene Jugendarbeit
Chatterbooks; extracurricular activity developed by the Reading Agency
Extracurricular reading initiative that aims to increase a child’s motivation to read by providing schools with tools and resources to encourage reading for pleasure; The intervention developed for this trial consisted of nine weekly one hour sessions where the pupils read and discussed an age-appropriate book. The programme was delivered by trained graduates.
April to June 2013
577 pupils
six to twelve years
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche
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Evaluierung der Aktivität

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The project was run as a randomised controlled trial, with 577 individual Year 7 pupils across 12 secondary schools randomised at pupil level to three groups: Chatterbooks and Chatterbooks Plus (intervention groups) and a waitlist control. Pupils in the intervention groups received the appropriate intervention for an hour a week, for nine weeks; pupils in the control group experienced their usual school curriculum.