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promotion of the understanding of global issues, development and human rights through international volunteering

diversitätsorientiertes Lernen

International volunteering exchanges can have a relatively strong impact on young people, but they reach out to only a small proportion of young people. Other activities of organisations working with young people contribute to the promotion of the understanding of global issues, development and human rights in home countries. This can be achieved through different working methods, for example: • Summer camps as described in the Austrian country report, with the example of summer camp for cultural exchange that brings together young people from different parts of the world; • Training courses on issues related to development as described in the Czech country report on the activities of the organisation People in Need.

Beschreibung der Aktivität

<BODY>The term "youth work" describes a wide range of activities, themes and actions offered by different actors in different fields and in different forms. However, youth work differs significantly from other policy areas through its three main characteristics, which are its nature: focus on young people, personal development and voluntary participation. In total there are eight fields of action: youth in the world, participation, health and well-being, employment and training, volunteering, social inclusion, creativity and culture.</BODY>
teilnehmende Kinder und Jugendliche

Evaluierung der Aktivität

This report was developed between August 2012 and October 2013. During this period, the research team: • carried out a review of what is already known and what gaps exist in knowledge on the topic of youth work in the EU; • created a typology of different youth work activities across the EU; • mapped the national context of youth work in each Member State through an examination of definitions, legal frameworks, the situation of youth workers, the role and value of youth work and the impact (this was completed in January 2013 and thus reflects the situation as of then); • held a seminar with stakeholders to share knowledge and expertise and discuss the preliminary results of the study; • carried out case studies with youth work initiatives and activities exploring the stories behind their success.
between August 2012 and October 2013